Time Call Service

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Grab-A-Cab’s reserved vehicle service (time call service) is designed to make your commuting needs easier and more efficient. Whether you need to get to work, to a doctor’s appointment, or to catch a bus out of town, our reserved vehicle service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.

When you call please have the following information ready:

  • Date and time of pick up
  • Where you will be picked up
  • Where you will be dropped off
  • A phone number where you can be reached

Please call at least an hour in advance of when you need the cab. To save you time and effort, please let the dispatcher know if you will be riding on a regular schedule, i.e. to work Monday through Friday. Our dispatchers will make sure your cab is where you need it when you need it**.

Our taxicabs can hold up to four passengers. If you have more than four passengers, please let the dispatcher know when you call so we can send you a second taxi.

As always, our dispatchers and drivers reserve the right to refuse service to customers who are hostile or disorderly. The time call service has been developed to ensure our customers receive prompt service when timeliness is important. As such, we will only make time calls that are going to a single destination; going to work, doctor’s appointments, or the Inter-City Bus terminal.

*Please note: to ensure prompt service, we reserve the right to refuse reserved vehicle service due to heavy call volume or if we reach the maximum number of bookings at your preferred time.

**This is barring unforeseen circumstances. We do our best to have our cabs arrive at your location five to ten minutes in advance, but delays do occur.

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